Shark release (23rd July 2016)

In collaboration with Shark lab Malta, we release 65 pups of local catsharks (Nurse-hound and Small-spotted catshark). The fact happened in Cirkewwa, where volunteers release them back into sea, once they are strong enough to survive and adapt in the wild.

Racing Extinction – Word Ocean’s Day 2016

We, at the Malta National Aquarium, all believe in spreading awareness about conservation and endangered species all over the world. During World Ocean’s Day 2016 we screened award-winning documentary ‘Racing Extinction on the big screen of our Pjazza San Pawl. Here we invited a number of NGOs to join in the celebration of this important day to help spread awareness of these issues amongst the public.


Christmas is a special time for family festive fun which is why we remain open for the whole duration of the Christmas season to give everyone a chance to visit!


Halloween has always been fun at the Malta National Aquarium, we’ve decorated the Aquarium and you’ll also find some spooky looking staff wandering around the dark corners filled with cob webs and skeleton bones.

1st Anniversary

Every year we celebrate our Anniversary to mark another 365 days of success at the Malta National Aquarium. Whether it be fun and games or special offers, we always have something special on for our visitors to enjoy.

Opening weekend (3rd/4th October 2013)

We celebrated our official opening on the weekend of the 3rd & 4th October 2013, everyone was curious and excited to visit our first National Aquarium.