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Special Events

Shark releases

First release with Sharklab was way back in March 2013, with the most recent being back in November which was an extra special one for us as it’s the first release we have done with tagged sharks.

To date, Sharklab together with the Malta National Aquarium have released nearly 303 sharks back into our oceans!

YOU can take part in this activity along side Sharklab and Aquarium Divers and also get to understand a little bit more about the work they and us do towards shark conservation.

Sharklab displays

Twice a month Sharklab come along to the Aquarium to speak to our customers about the conservation work they do and also get to meet the sharks they have rescued in our very own tanks, the sharks are looked after by the Malta National Aquarium till it is time for them to return to the ocean. Interested in finding out more about sharks? Want to see shark jaws up close? Now is your chance! Get in touch with us here to find out when they will be joining us once again.

World Oceans day – 8th – 10th June 2018

World Oceans Day 2017 was a big success, but we wanted to make 2018 even better.

We started the celebrations with our Schools who contributed plastic for our World oceans day sculpture, and then invited back to help with the build on the 8th, during their visit children got to watch a live link with Greece Santorini where an event ‘Save our Breath’ took place with Healthy Sea’s and Ghost Fishing, children got to see divers raising a giant ghost net from the oceans sea bed.

During the 10th from 12pm, our Pjazza grounds turned into an exhibition area, where we were joined by our Supporting NGO’S Sharklab, Birdlife, EcoMarine and Wasteserve. Throughout the day we had Educational Videos playing, Activities, a walk for the ocean cleanup and ending our day with Solar Cinema, Screening the award-winning ‘Sonic Sea’!

Science in the Citadel Gozo – April 22nd 2017

The Malta National Aquarium were invited to the Science in the city in Gozo with other NGO’s and volunteers to showcase our educational work and raise awareness in our particular area’s. The Aquarium decided to raise awareness about plastic, we taught young and old about the importance of recycling with visual effects and interactive displays, children got to hunt through our sand and discover the hidden secrets of what is hidden beneath whilst explaining the dangers this has on our oceans/animals and US.

Mistra Bay Clean up – 11th May 2017

Volunteers from the Malta National Aquarium and other NGO’s joined forces with the US embassy to clean up our Mistra Bay. What was found was desturbing from tyres, fishing crates to oil drums but with the help from everyone we managed to clear all of this away!

Plastic Sea Campaign – May/June 2017

Joining forces with the facebook group ‘no to plastic Malta’, the Malta National Aquarium have travelled to different locations in Malta Screening the film ‘ A Plastic Ocean’ to private viewers education many all over the Island.

Alongside the screenings we have also educated 1800 school children all over the Island about plastic in our ocean. These school children got to understand the importance of recycling and also what damaging effects it has on our ocean, the schools also got the chance to enter into our competition where as the children needed to produce a project or visual effect in means of awareness video that is their own interpretation of what plastic in our ocean means to them, and how imaginative they were!

Well done to all Schools and school children who have got involved in our project, we wont stop with our project so if you are interested in joining this project get in touch!

World Oceans Day 2017 – June 8th

The Ocean deserves it’s own day and we made sure it got just that! With Sharklab, Healthy Sea’s, Ghost Fishing, Maltaqua, ERA, Birdlife, Malta University and of course us the Malta National Aquarium all joined together to make it a day to remember.

We started our day in the morning with special visits from our school children who all made beautiful projects made from plastic and thoughtful messages about our ocean, well done to all children involved.

Continuing on from our school children, we showcased different education videos from the OCTONAUTS and awareness footage all saying the same message ‘save our ocean’. Activities included creating arts and crafts from our own trash and ending the day with ‘A Plastic Ocean’ Screening where the general public all got to sit in our open air cinema with the beautiful ocean right behind us!

A big thank you to everyone involved!

Walk for the Ocean 2017 – 8th June

The Malta National Aquarium alongside many volunteers from the general public all walked for our ocean, picking up any trash as we went.

From general waste to harmful sharp objects it was a worthwhile walk and saving all of this entering our ocean, a big well done to all of our volunteers – you are all helping in saving our ocean.

Watch out for more World Ocean Day activities next year, we hope you can join!

Car Shows – Sundays (check with the Malta National Aquarium)

From Mini’s to supercars, come along and join us on a beautiful Sunday morning to see some of your favourite cars! Located on our Pjazza you can chat with our car fanatics about their amazing wheels, maybe even get to sit behind the wheel! Give us a call before hand to see who will be joining us.