Research & Conservation

NGOs & Other Entities

EU Life+ project Migrate

The LIFE+ Project Migrate studied the population status, migratory routes and important areas that the Bottlenose dolphin and Loggerhead turtle may have in the waters around the Maltese islands. The Aquarium supported this project by sharing their project progress on Facebook and hosting their week long closing workshops, which invited local stakeholders to learn about the aims and outcomes of the project.


At the Aquarium we are constantly informing visitors about the vulnerability of shark species in our oceans and Sharktrust have provided us with posters which are spread along one of our walls in the Aquarium. These posters show both meaningful messages and imager about the vulnerability of such species.

Plastic oceans

Plastic in the ocean is a new concept for the locals, since marine education is very limited on the island. Plastic Oceans Foundation is a UK charity which are dedicated to protect and improve the environment. The Aquarium has also allocated a space to support this cause and the posters illustrate the threats they impose in our oceans.

Esplora Science Centre

Esplora is Malta’s first Science Centre which opened in 2016. The Aquarium will support the learning of science through experiments and hands on interactions which will take place at the Science Centre and collaborate with us to promote learning outside the classroom.

The following projects are created to integrate marine education in schools

Learning Programmes

During Primary and Secondary School in Malta, not much is being taught about Marine education. Therefore our Science and Education Co-ordinator has developed learning programmes and supplementary resources to begin this integration.

The learning programmes range from Year 1 to Form 4, which build on previously learnt concepts to develop future adults who will be aware of the impacts on our seas and fight to protect them.

Interactive workshops and Tours have been implemented to supplement School Education in a Fun and Interactive way.


The aim of the competitions is to further engage teachers and students into topics related to the marine environment. Class projects can bring about brainstorming and group work which will teach the students to work together for a group reward which would entail a free visit to the Aquarium.

The projects are then displayed at the Aquarium for the public to see their hard work and are also useful for peer learning during school visits.

Language schools

We are currently also appealing to language school students in order to provide a new dimension for out of class learning. The Aquarium is the perfect place for “Edutainment” since it is full of visuals and hosts an array of topics to discuss.

Summer schools

Together with Skolasajf, a set of Aquarium related activities has been created to accompany summer school visits in order to prepare children for their end of term competition which we will be hosted at the Aquarium. This will be more informal and will focus on learning through fun activities and games.


We collaborate strongly with MCAST teachers. Last year we have organized all the Photography students to have their practical classes in the Aquarium during every Friday for their last term.

We also have been strongly involved in the production of 2 interactive and educational games involving students of the digital animation department. We also funded part of their end of term exhibition. The two games are expected to be available to the public during year 2017 as it’s been part of a continuous development project.

Additionally, we have had 2 fisheries students take their practical work (internships) in the Aquarium for their different Grades.

Other work involving students:

MCAST – Involving both Photography and Creative Arts Design students as part of their projects.

Career Science Exposure – Gozo Primary School Event involving Univ. of Malta and St. Ignatius School (Handaq)

Science Safari – Curriculum Dept. of Science. Form 2 students. Univ. of Malta. 200 students.

Sparsholt College (UK) – 14 students from Fisheries Aquaculture and Marine Ecology visit as part of their lectures.

Racing Extinction Premiere Screening Event at the Aquarium – Involving the US. Embassy, Forth Element, Maltaqua Dive School, Sharklab, Nature Trust, Malta University and Birdlife.

World Oceans Day – With Gozo Primary, Greenpak, Malta University and President Maria Louise Coleiro.

NSTF – student internships and career exposure weeks.

Hermes Corporation – Involving a student’s internship for 400 hours.