Zone 4: Roman Times

Tanks 36, 38-40
Welcome aboard… this zone characterises an ancient ghost shipwreck where you will see replicas of ancient Roman remains as well as displaying an array of damselfish, clownfish, cleaner shrimps and more. The anchor displayed was donated to the Aquarium by the Malta Maritime Museum and is thought to be the actual anchor Saint Paul used during his voyage to Rome which resulted in a shipwreck off the Maltese coast.

The Jesus Christ statue represents the statue which was sunk in commemoration of the Pope’s visit to Malta in 1990 near St Paul’s islands. The tank exhibits fish which surround the statue in the sea such as damselfish (Chromis Chromis, cawla), ornate wrasse (Thalassoma pavo, ludhi) sea urchins and painted combers (Serranus scriba, burqax).

Within the tank displaying the bow of the shipwreck, one can see a number of large Mediterranean fish species such as the blue runner, amberjack and moray eel. Fish living at great depths in the Mediterranean Sea can be observed throughout this tank and as well in the following tank. At Lantern Point you’ll be able to see red porgy, Pandora and other local species from the depths.

Baby Station

This area of the aquarium represents in a clean artificial environment resembling a laboratory where babies of different species currently bred at Malta National Aquarium are displayed. The purpose is to keep the area alive, changing animals as they are bred in the aquarium, whether they are invertebrates, fish, amphibians or reptiles. 

Currently, the visitor can see embryos still inside the eggs and newly hatched baby lesser spotted dogfish, baby pot-bellied seahorses and baby cichlids of different species only inches away from their faces. There is also a pond which currently has the incredibly invasive Florida red-eared terrapins, this exhibit is used for public awareness on the potentially devastating effects of releasing these animals into the wild.

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