Fort Rinella in Malta

There are many, many beautiful places in Malta you should visit when on the Island and believe it or not, it’s not always about the paradisiac beaches. In Malta there are several historic, iconic places as well.

One of those places, is the Fort Rinella in Malta and the one of a kind cannon you can find in the fort. Let’s begin!

Get to know the Fort Rinella

The Fort Rinella is actually a military battery built along the coast by the British in Malta. This fort dates back to 1878, when it was first built and it has become famous thanks to the 100-ton cannon that sits on top of the battery. This cannon was once designed to protect itself against enemy ships. The cannon is the world’s largest muzzle-loading gun built and only two still exist. In Malta, two of these cannons were brought by the British. However, the cannon residing near Tigné point in Malta was then scrapped. To this day, only two Armstrong 100-ton gun still exist in the world; the one at Fort Rinella and another one at Napier of Magdala in Gibraltar.

Of course, the fort hasn’t always been open to the public. It was restored and to make it a museum. The 100-ton gun at Fort Rinella also sits on its original mount.

Fort Rinella

Inside the Fort Rinella

This little fort was built for its strategic location. The fort has an irregular shape and deep ditch that you will have to cross a small bridge to get across.

However, the fun actually starts once you get inside the fort! You see, this place has two different levels; the underground chambers and the outside top battery, where you can find the cannon.

Now, on the lower part of the Fort Rinella you’ll find common fort things such as chambers, old machines and a lot of open space. This part is also open to the public. You can go through all tunnels and chambers. There is also a permanent exhibition on the British Victorian army from 1837 up to 1901.

Then, of course, it’s the cannon. The Fort Rinella became famous due to this enormous cannon that sits on the top part of the building. This gun could fire a one tonne shell across a distance of around 12kms.

If you’re planning to visit, the fort is open during the day. The tickets range from 5 euros to 15 euros and include a tour throughout the fort. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to see a historical re-enactment with soldiers. Check the site for more info.

We truly recommend you to take the time to visit this place and get to learn more about Malta’s unique history. This live museum with daily re-enactments can bring that story to life!


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