Top 10 Beaches in Malta that you need to visit

Malta is blessed by many things and sandy beaches is one of them. Read our short guide to the top 10 beaches in Malta from busting tourist spots to small beaches that require you to head off the beaten track in search of tranquillity.

Malta is one of the most visited tourist spots in Europe and while it is far from the biggest place on the continent there is lots to see and do.

From prehistoric temples, a bustling cultural hub in Valletta and stunning cliffs and landscapes, Malta offers something for everybody to enjoy. One thing that the archipelago is also renowned for is its beaches and we are going to look at the top 10 beaches in Malta that you can visit during your stay.

1. Ghadira Bay

Located in northern Malta, Mellieha Bay is the largest beach on the island. At 800 metres long and with a blue flag status, it is a great place for families and for those that enjoy water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing and banana rides. Its shoreline is shallow and you can actually walk about 50m out to sea. There are 3 sections to the beach and the final bay on the right is generally the quieter spot if you want a tranquil day relaxing in the sun.

2. Qawra Point

A suitable spot for families, Qawra Point comprises of a small pocket of sand nestled in the rocky coast of northern Malta. With a multitude of public transport available Qawra Point is one of the easiest beaches to get to. It is right in the heart of the popular tourist spot of Qawra and is perfect for a day spent soaking up the rays and enjoying the surrounding area.

3. Golden Bay

Found in the north-west of Malta, Golden Bay is one of the most well-known beaches in the northern part of the country. It forms part of the Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park and it is one of the most accessible friendly beaches in Malta. Golden Bay benefits from a range of transport links and there are lifeguards on station throughout the season. Head to Golden Bay if you want to experience an impressive sunset.

4. Armier Bay

You can find Armier Bay at the northern tip of Malta and while it can be difficult to get there without a car – it is a 20 minutes’ walk from the nearest bus route – it is family friendly and is one of the less touristy beaches you can visit so head here if you want to get out of the way of the usual busy spots.

5. Ġnejna Bay

Another beach that is frequented more by locals than tourists, Ġnejna Bay has a shallow shoreline with long stretches of sand. For families, it is a good option if you don’t mind going a bit  away from the other more tourist focused beaches.

6. The Blue Lagoon

You will find The Blue Lagoon on the islet of Comino and it’s sheltered location with two gorgeous white sandy beaches and clear waters makes it one of the more popular beaches in Malta. You can take part in a variety of water sports at The Blue Lagoon such as snorkelling and scuba diving or simply sunbathe and take a dip in the water. While it does get busy during the tourist season it is a peaceful and relaxing place to spend a day in Comino.

7. Imġiebaħ Bay

If you don’t mind going out of your way a bit, then Imġiebaħ Bay provides a great opportunity to enjoy a small sandy beach in northern Malta. Located near Mellieħa, this beach can provide real solitude as it isn’t frequented much by tourists. You need to park 15-20 minutes’ walk away from the beach but it is well worth the extra effort if you want to truly relax away from the crowds.

8. Paradise Bay

Found right at the northern tip of Malta near Ċirkewwa, Paradise Bay is a small sandy beach positioned within a rocky landscape. It is actually set within a natural cove and you can enjoy great views of the nearby islands of Gozo and Comino when you visit Paradise Bay. Snorkelling is very popular here and while it is small and can get crammed quite quickly, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

9. Pretty Bay

As one of the few sandy beaches that you can find in southern Malta, Pretty Bay is mainly visited by locals and doesn’t have the same charm or tourist appeal as the beaches in the north. The Malta International Freeport goes someway to spoiling the view. That being said, if you are in this part of Malta then it offers a good chance to swim in the cool waters.

10. St Peters Pool

While not technically a beach per se, you can put your beach towel down and soak up the sun at St Peters Pool which is in the eastern side of Malta nearby to Marsaxlokk, a small fishing village. If you want to get out of your comfort zone and spend some time with the locals then St Peters Pool is a good choice and it is great for snorkelling too.

Want to spend a day by the pool?

Sometimes we just want to spend some time relaxing by the water without making a trek to the beach with all your equipment in hand. Not being covered in sand can be a big bonus as well! Malta has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world however spending a day by the pool can be just as peaceful. Café del Mar Malta day by the pool provides a great way to do this and if you want to experience the stunning Malta sunset with some cool vibes then this is the best place to do it. This is the place to experience one of the best sunsets in the world and it offers a chilled-out day by the pool with fantastic drinks, food and music.

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