What to do on a rainy day in Malta?

One of the best things about heading for a break in Malta is that there is always plenty of sunshine and fine weather to enjoy. However, that said, even Malta sees some rainy days. Whilst you may think that this means that you will be stuck on things to do, the truth is, even during those less than sunshine packed days, there are still plenty of things that you can do.
A great place to head to during a less than beautiful day is the Malta National Aquarium Complex. But what makes the aquarium such a good idea?

The Bistro & Restaurant

If you want to spend your rainy day catching up with your friends or spending time with your family, as well as enjoying some delicious food, then you have two great choices at the Aquarium. First of all you have La Nave Bistro, a part of the Aquarium complex, the bistro & restaurant has a calm and casual atmosphere. Not only this but it also has some of the best views across St Paul’s Island, Comino and Gozo. It is open every single day for both lunch and dinner and offers a family friendly dining atmosphere.

Another option is The Café del Mar Malta. Mainly open during the summer months for lunch and dinner and then on Sundays for lunch during the winter. This is a beach club style restaurant, which not only has an infinity pool and amazing views of the sea, but boasts a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to take in a sunset and relax.

The playground

Rain doesn’t last forever and if you find that the sun is shining again, then you might want to head back outside and enjoy the better weather. At the Aquarium you will find a playground. This playground is not only great fun for kids, but it is also ideal for parents to relax for even just a few minutes. A few moments peace is something that we all treasure.

Qawra itself

Whilst the Aquarium has plenty to offer you, another thing to remember is that you can spend some time exploring the local area too. Qawra, where the Aquarium is based, is a great town and has plenty to see and do. We love wandering along the promenade, thought to be one of the very best in all of Malta, even when the weather is being less than kind.

Visit the gift shop

Who doesn’t love having a little treat. After spending your time in the Aquarium complex, then you could pay a visit to the Gift Shop where you will be able to find an assortment of things that you can treasure after your time there is up.
As you can see, whether it is a chance to see some amazing animals, grab a bite to eat or simply spend some time with your family, the Malta National Aquarium is a great place to go. Best of all, you really don’t have to wait for a rainy day for the opportunity to pay it a visit.

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